Barber Colman type T (16-11) Tapered spline Hobber & universal Gear Hobber

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Barber Colman model type T (16-11) Tapered Spline Hobber, 16" diameter capacity. this unique machine will also conventional Hob, Tangential Hob, Oblique feed, and worm mill, Including a Differential mechanism. a fully universal machine and rarely found. Inquire for full manual to understand all features!!

Max Workpiece Diameter16"
Dimensions9' x 4' x 7' Tall
Weight9500 lbs

Barber Colman Special Universal Gear hobber Model Type T (16-11) S/N 175 This special Universal machine was developed mainly for the purpose of cutting Tapered Splines. Its special secondary tangential feature and differential Mechanism allows you to cut all standard conventional gears such as spur, heical, Straight splines, worms and worm wheels, The Oblique or tang slide allows you to cut Tapered splines and worms. Machine specifications are as follows: Center Distance between work & Hob Spindle -Min 1" -Max 8 3/4" Travel of hob Slide (length of cut) 11 1/2" Angular range of hob swivel 360 degrees Angular range of hob swivel slide and ways: - 15 degrees left to 195 degrees right from zero Face of work spindle to centerline of hob swivel - Minimum 8" - Maximum 42 1/2" Work spindle centerline to overarm 8" Diameter of hob spindle 1 1/4" Maximum Hob Diameter 5" Hob speed ranges (8) 60-240 RPM Range of feeds -- per revolution of work .005"- .333" Diameter of Hole through work spindle 3 - 13/16" Main drive shaft speed 400 RPM Main motor 5 hp 1150 RPM Floor Space 60" wide x 106" long machine weight 8,500 Lbs Machine is equipped with the following : Dual thread index worm Differential tangential slide for Oblique cutting full operators manual Change gear assortment 1-1/4" hob arbor 3-Jaw precision workholding chuck misc tooling & Change gears Machine can be inspected in excellent operating condition in our Statesville Facility with proper notice . Contact us today to set up an under power inspection or video . Or visit our website to see our Extensive gear machine inventory at or contact Rich Piselli at for more information.