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Gleason model 116 Hypoid Generator, semi automatic Hi-speed machine for spiral bevel, Zerol bevel & Hypoid gears up to 18" Diameter. Generally used in the production of automotive pinions but in this case it was used for general gear work exclusively for Aerospace gear manufacturing and is in excellent mechanical condition.

Max Dia. Gear18"

Gleason Hypoid gear generating machine Model 116 s/n 29651 Excellent condition from Aerospace Mfg This style Hypoid gear generator has been used exclusively by an Aerospace mfg group to manufacture both hypoid gears and zerol bevel gears. machine specifications: Cone Distance Maximum 9" work Head Angle -12 deg to 90 deg Extreme Ratio any practical ratio Min Ratio for Pinions operate w/Formate cutters 2 to 1 Max Gear Pitch Diameter: (30 deg spiral angle) 10 to 1 ratio 18" 2 to 1 ratio 16" 1 to 1 ratio 12.75" Face Width Maximum 2.75" number of Teeth 5-150 Diametral Pitch coarsest 2 / 12.7 Mod. work spindle Diameter of taper large end 3 29/32" taper per foot 39/64" depth of taper 6" Diameter of hole through spindle 3 1/16" Diameter of Spindle Nose 5 1/2" cutter diameters 6", 7.5", 9" & 12" Work Head Settings Max offset above center 4.5" Max offset below center 4.5" Max dist mach center to spindle nose 13.5" Min dist mach center to spindle nose 2.5" machine floor space 75" x 114" machine weight 23,000 lbs Machine is equipped with items as photographed -change gears and tooling in cabinet -books and manuals provided this machine is in excellent mechanical condition coming from an Aerospace facility and it can be inspected in customers facility with proper notice, or in our statesville NC facility. Machine can also be loaded into containers for a nominal fee and quoted for delivery to nearest Ocean port. Contact us today to learn more about our machine or other gear machine offerings at or contact Rich Piselli at