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Muratec Model ML 400G CNC turning centers . machines are specially equipped with Optional heavy duty A/C spindle motors, tailstocks, single turrets, Gantry loaders, part holders, chip conveyors, to manufacture precision shafts . the machines can be run in the automatic load system using the gantry or manually loaded as presently done in last operation.


Muratec CNC turning centers for shafts Model ML 400G s/n 5011, 5003, 5009 New 2011/ 2012 Excellent condition These Hi-Speed CNC Hard Turning machines from Murata have been specially equipped programmable tailstocks and gantry loaders for the production of shafts! shafts can be loaded manually if production doesn't warrant the use of the Gantry Parts of 200 mm diameter x 400 mm long can be produced and machined quickly on this machine. It is also an excellent machine for the production of worms & threads or similar parts and/ or components and highly used for Hard turning parts due to their high accuracy and heavy duty design!! machine catalog specifications: Maximum swing 340 mm Chuck Size 6/8 inches 165mm/ 205mm Spindle AC motor 15 kw (option) Maximum cutting diameter : - with loader 200mm - without loader 200mm Maximum part length: - with loader 390mm - without loader 400mm number of turret positions 6 x axis stroke 130mm Z axis stroke 430mm Quill axis stroke 300mm rapid traverse x-axis 20 m/min rapid traverse z-axis 32 m/min rapid traverse Quill axis 20 m/min Maximum spindle speed 45-4500 rpm standard byte tools 20mm Max diameter boring bars 32mm Max weight of part in loader 10 kg Machine weight with loader tools 4500 kg Machine floor space w/gantry 3280 mm width x 1650 depth Machine height w/ gantry 3300 mm Machines are equipped with the following: Fanuc controls Heavy duty optional 15 kw spindle motor tailstock option (MT4 Rolling center) single station single turret Manual load holding fixture gantry loaders chip conveyors w/ coolant tank Books and manuals Note : customer tooling is not included with these machines and chucks will need to be purchased as required for your specific parts and tooling needs. Centers and assorted chucks available!!! Machines can be inspected in our NC plant with proper notice shortly. contact us today to inquire about more information and specifications you may require. visit www.PiselliEnt.com to view this machine and others we have in stock. or email Rich@PiselliEnt.com for additional questions!!

Muratec Model ML 400G CNC Turning machines w/ Tailstocks , single turret and gantry loaders New 2011

Muratec Model ML 400G CNC Turning machines w/ Tailstocks , single turret and gantry loaders New 2011