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CJMT Model YK5150D 3-Axis CNC gear shaper 20" diameter Gear, 28" Diameter table , 6" stroke, 17" Clearance height above table, Oil chiller , New 2012. Very good production machine Priced Right!!!
Max Dia. Gear
Fellows Model 50-8 CNC 6-Axis Vertical hydrostroke gear shaping machine, 51" max diameter with 8" maximum face length capacity, Machine was Retrofitted in 2005 by B&K and updated with Fanuc 16I-M ...
Max Dia. Gear
Fellows Model 10-4 CNC 3-Axis CNC Gear Shaping Machines. 18" max diameter swing , 10" max diameter internal Gear and 4" maximum face width . Machines have been remanufactured and retrofit with GE ...
Max Dia. Gear
Fellows Model MS-450/650 GUIDELESS CNC Gear shaper, 25,5" Diameter, 5" stroke length, 11.8" max vertical saddle travel (z-axis), 3 DP, 45* max helix angle, 31.5" max swing , 2000 lbs max table lo...
Max Dia. Gear
Fellows model 20-8 Remanufactured CNC Hydrostroke Gear Shaper, 20" Max Diameter , 8" Max face width, Updated and recontrolled with a Fanuc 15M cnc 6 - Axis control motors and drives , with hydra...
Fellows Model FS-400-125 Remanufactured CNC 6 Axis Gear Shaper, 15.7" Dia, 5" Face, 3.5 DP
Fellows Model Z, CNC Horizontal Gear shaper, 17" Diam cap , 6" stroke capacity, 3 -axis CNC General Numeric controller, Machine is equipped with 3-jaw precision workholding and shank style cutter...
Fellows Model 20-4 cnc 3-Axis Retrofit quotation and scope of work for Remanufacturing and Re-controlling w/ options for the standard model machine.
Max Dia. Gear
Fellows Model 10-2/4, Retrofitted 2-axis CNC Gear Shaper with Fanuc Powermate controls, Tailstock. only needs change gears for Number of teeth, year 2000 (two Available)
Fellows Model 10-4 CNC Gear Shaper Retrofitted & RE-Manufactured w/ Fanuc OI -MD controls, New 2021, request quote for options, prices and delivery!!!
Gleason Pfauter Model GP200S CNC Gear Shaper is an excellent machine capable of cutting 8" diameter internal and external shaped gears w/ up to 5NDP. The machine also comes with the Optional CNC c...
Max Dia. Gear
Gleason Pfauter model GP-300ES cnc Guideless Gear shaping machine, 300mm diameter capacity, moving column design and vertical adjustment positioning. Siemens 840D cnc control with minimal hours, ex...
LIEBHERR Model LFS 600 CNC GEAR Shaper, 7.5" Face cutting capacity & More with Special shuttle stroke option ! 600 mm diameter capacity , Cutter Slide position Adjustment of over 23" . This machine...
Max Dia. Gear
Liebherr Model LFS-220 CNC Gear Shaper , with column and Head Stroke positioning, 220 mm Max Gear diameter , 220 mm Max Table diameter, -50- 450 mm center distance, Siemens model 840 D control moto...
Max Dia. Gear
LIEBHERR Model LFS 800 CNC Gear shaper, 31.5" Diameter Capacity, 10" stroke, 20" positioning, 35" clearance height, Siemens 840 D controller, Hydraulic table clamping with Heavy Chuck fixture w/ th...
Max Dia. Gear
LIEBHERR WSC-1502 CNC GEAR SHAPER, 60" diameter capacity, 13" stroke, 22 mod, liebherr LH-90 CNC controls, NEW 1993-94.
Lorenz Model LS-180 CNC Gear shaper, 7" max diameter, 2" stroke, 6" cutter slide positioning, Fanuc 18MI controls motors and drives. Retrofit in 2003, Machine was gone through and and upfit . very ...
Mitsubishi Model ST-40A CNC Guideless Gear shaper , 18" maximum diameter capaity option, Fanuc 31i-B Controls w/ tailsock & Pinion support , Oil chiller, chip conveyor , over 15,000 in universal T...
Max Dia. Gear
Mitsubishi Model SE 25A 4 axis CNC Gear shaping Machine, 250 mm diameter capacity, 60 mm face width, 180 position loader , table clamping, adj grippers , Fanuc 21-I controls, loading system stat...
Max Dia. Gear