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1995 GLEASON Tag 400 GEAR GRINDERS (CNC) | Piselli Enterprises
Gleason Model TAG 400 CNC Generating style Gear grinder, 400 MM diameter capacity , 4 DP, CNC Dressing , w/ GE Fanuc 15-M controls , Oberlin OPF 4 filtration unit , inspect under power in custome...
2000 GLEASON PFAUTER P400 G GEAR GRINDERS (CNC) | Piselli Enterprises
Gleason Pfauter Model P400G CNC Form grinding machine for Both vitrified & CBN wheels, CNC Dressing , Probing, ON board INspection, full filtration system , Grinding wheel fanges , tooling and whee...
2001 HOFLER HELIX 400 K GEAR GRINDERS (CNC) | Piselli Enterprises
Hofler CNC Gear Grinding Machine, Model Helix 400K Max diameter 15.7" , 8.3" stroke length, 2.5-50.8 DP range, full filtration and chilling system, Excellent condition in plant under power . full...
2007 KAPP KX 300-P GEAR GRINDERS (CNC) | Piselli Enterprises
Kapp Model KX-300P CNC 7 Axis Generating style Gear Grinding machine , 300 mm Diameter capacity , with shuttle style loading system , In Plant under power , excellent condition , charts available a...
1999 NILES ZP 12 GEAR GRINDERS (CNC) | Piselli Enterprises
Niles Model ZP 12 CNC Gear grinder for both Vitrified & Dressable CBN grinding wheels up to 50" Diameter Gears. the machine is equipped with CNC Dressing and also has the optional Internal attachme...
REISHAUER Tooling GEAR GRINDERS (CNC) | Piselli Enterprises
Reishauer Diamond Dressing Discs SRA+ DSA, Winter, Fassler, Dr.Kaiser (Call For List)