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Fellows model 20-8 Remanufactured CNC Hydrostroke Gear Shaper, 20" Max Diameter , 8" Max face width, Updated and recontrolled with a Fanuc 15M cnc 6 - Axis control motors and drives , with hydraulic table clamping , precision chuck , Gone through , 1996


Fellows CNC Hydrostroke Vertical Gear shaper Model 20-8 s/n 35935 Machine was Retrofitted & Remanufactured by Vermont Machine Tool in 1996 Control used By Vermont was a Fanuc 15M and we can offer a 1 (one) year warranty on Fanuc parts Retrofitted/Rebuilt FELLOWS model 20-8 "HYDROSTROKE" 6 Axis CNC Gear Shaping Machine suitable for the cutting of internal/external spur and helical gears, splines, pinions, and other work pieces of similar profile up to 20" pitch diameter. The present Hyperloop system was replaced and retrofitted with a Fanuc 15M 6-Axis"CNC" Controller. The upper and lower worms and wheels will be inspected, and adjusted for proper back-lash and bearing pattern. All broken parts replaced, machine will be cleaned, checked, cycled, and painted ready for an under power demonstration. PRINCIPLE SPECIFICATIONS: Maximum diameter external gear 20" Maximum diameter internal gear 20" Maximum diametral pitch (spur and helical) 3" DP Maximum face width 8" Maximum helix angle (with proper guide and 7" cutter) 40 deg Work table diameter 19.625" Work table spindle bore diameter 9.055 " (230mm) Maximum Fixture Diameter inside chip pan 25” Maximum Fixture Diameter outside chip pan 29.5” Maximum load on worktable 2,000 lbs Maximum distance centerline of cutter spindle to centerline of work spindle 16.125" Minimum distance centerline of cutter spindle to centerline of work spindle .8” Maximum distance from work spindle face to bottom of cutter spindle in maximum upper position 21.50" Dimensions - Length 84" - Height 120" - Depth 72" Machine net weight, approx 24,000 lbs EQUIPMENT FEATURES: The Hyperloop system has been replaced with a Fanuc 15M 6-Axis "CNC" Controller motors and Drives The Fanuc CNC will control the following axis: Work table rotation (no change gears required) Cutter spindle rotation Work table infeed Cutter spindle stroking speed Stroke position Stroke length adjustment (from CNC controller, not the top of machine) Manual pulse generator-(MPG) controls all six “CNC” axis including stroke length adjustment Both work and cutter spindle have rapid rotation for indicating purposes Four cut capability selectable for 1-cut, 2-cut, 3-cut, & 4 cut operations with stroking speed, depth feed rate, depth of cut and rotary feed infinitely variable and preset for each cut High output, quick return, infinitely variable stroking drive with adj,return ratios as follows: 12 to 300 SPM at 2:1 ratio 12 to 250 SPM at 3:1 ratio Rotary feed: The custom software on the Fanuc controller allows direct input of rotary feeds for each cut Digressive Infeed (infeed per stroke diminishing from a preset high value at beginning of cut to a preset low value at depth) Adjustable cutter positioning at top of stroke Crowning and taper capability via back off cam Complete "Hydrostroke" hydraulic power unit Constant pressurized lubrication to all working elements Mechanical straight spur guide for cutter spindle Cutter spindle adaptor Guards, covers, misc. Operators manual, parts list, wiring & hydraulic diagrams The machine is wired for 480V 3 phase Magnetic chip conveyor Fully air-condition electrical cabinet PROGRAMMED FEATURES: CNC controller has Macro screens for “Operator friendly” question and answer setups. No Programming Needed. One to four cut selected by CNC controller Setups can be stored in nonvolatile memory. Each cut has individual parameters for: Depth of cut Infeed rate Stroking speed Rotational feed rate Degree of work rotation Machine is equipped with the following : Fanuc 15 M 6-Axis CNC control motors and drives Special Mounted work table with self centering chuck fixture Chip conveyor Coolant tank Electrical panel w/ A/C units Hydraulic unit with Heat exchanger Machine was rebuilt by Vermont machine tool in 1996 . It can now be inspected in our NC plant under power in very good mechanical condition with proper notice. Please contact us to set up an inspection today or go to www.PiselliEnt.com to view more of our gear machine inventory

fellows 20-8 cnc gear shaper , 8" stroke , 6 axis CNC controls fanuc , contact us today !!

North Carolina, United States
fellows 20-8 cnc gear shaper , 8" stroke , 6 axis CNC controls fanuc , contact us today !!