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Gleason Pfauter Model GP200S CNC Gear Shaper is an excellent machine capable of cutting 8" diameter internal and external shaped gears w/ up to 5NDP. The machine also comes with the Optional CNC controlled Column Tilting feature. All complete manuals and documentation comes with this machine. Contact us about optional Equipment on this machine!!!


Gleason Pfauter CNC Gear Shaping Machine Model GP200S New 2000 S/N 940505 equipped with Special CNC Tilting column Option This CNC Gear Shaping Machine is equipped with all the latest features. All axis are CNC controlled and the Higher feeds and speeds allow the manufacturer the opportunity to use carbide and other coated materials for quicker cycle times. automatic thermal compensation, quick clamping equipment, stroke length adjustment, auto stroke adjustment are just some of the many features of this machine. Machine general specifications are as follows: Nominal Work Piece Diameter 7.9" / 200 mm Maximum Diametral Pitch/ Module 5 NDP/ 5 Module Maximum Stroke Length (optional) 2.17" (4.33") / 55mm (110mm) Maximum Face Width (optional) 2.00" (4.00") / 50mm (99mm) Cutter Spindle Diam. (optional) 3.35" (3.74") / 85mm (95mm) Cutter Spindle Stroke speed (optional) 180-1800 SPM (130-1300 SPM) Maximum Helix angle w/ cutter diam 125mm +/- 45 degrees Center distance , cutter spindle to work spindle -1.97/ 7.9" -50mm/+200mm Axial Slide position Range 5.9" 150mm Column inclination Range (optional) 0-10 degrees Column Lateral offset +/- 0.98" +/-25mm Cutter Locating taper HSK-B63 Total Power Rating 44 kVA Machine Weight Approx 19,800 lbs 9,000 kg Machine is equipped with the following Options Tilting Column option up to 10 degrees GE Fanuc 160i-M CNC Control Operator Pendant controller stroke length positioning slot cutting (single index) multi cut work cycles Spiral radial infeed for quicker cutting cycles Linear Radial infeed Digressive Radial infeed Cutter adaptor Hydraulic work clamping work fixture on Machine Contact us today to learn more about this excellent gear shaping machine and learn more about its exceptional features. we would be happy to send you a copy of the operators manual to study and learn more about this machine and its true capabilities. Visit this and other CNC gear shaping machines available at WWW.PiselliEnt.com as We look forward to discussing this machine and others!

Gleason-Pfauter Model GP200S CNC Gear Shaping Machine W/Adj Taper , New 2000

Gleason-Pfauter Model GP200S CNC Gear Shaping Machine W/Adj Taper , New 2000