Barber Colman model 16-16 Multicycle Gear hobber w/ special 90 degree hob head for worms and worm gears

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Barber Colman Model 16-16 Multicycle Horizontal Gear Hobbing machine, 16" diameter part x 16" long, w/ special 90 Degree hob head option and late model C-frame style machine. with special head and cycles machine is capable of producing worms and worm gears along with the standard gears and Hi-Helix gears you sometimes require in this industry.

Max Workpiece Diameter16"
Max Diametral Pitch6 dp
Hob Head Swivel Angle90 Degrees

Barber Colman Multicycle gear hobbing machine Model 16- 16 Multicycle C-frame Style s/n 4398 With special 90 Degree hob head option! Machine specifications are as follows: MACHINE SPECIFICATIONS:  * Max. DP in Steel 6 DP-10 DP  * Max. Work O.D. 16"  * Max. Hob Slide Travel 6"  * Diameter of Hole Through Work Spindle 3-1/8"  * Max. Hob Diameter 5"  * Max. Distance Face of Work Spindle to Tail Bracket 29"  * Max. Vertical Adjustment of Work Spindle 8"  * Dist. C/L of Work Spindle to Underside of Overarm 8"  * Dist. C/L of Work Spindle to C/L of Hob Spindle 8.75"/0.75"  * Dist. Face of Work Spindle to C/L of Hob Spindle 19.5"/3.5"  * Max. Hob Slide Swivel Angle Setting-Degrees L or R 90*  * 9 Hob Speeds (when equipped with suitable gears) 59-246 RPM  * Hob Feeds (when equipped with suitable gears) .0075-.1125"  * Floor Space (approx) 82" x 38" x 76"  * Weight (approx.) 7500 lbs Machine Equipped With: * Special 90 Degree head option for cut * Multicycle and auto cycle machine control options * Dwell Cycle * C-frame style machine arm and Base * 1 Hob Arbor * Tailstock * automatic clamping cylinder for work holding * 25-30 Change Gears * Manual Note: Machine can be inspected under power with Proper Notice. Contact Rich Piselli at to set up an inspection or Visit our website at to view this and other Gear Machinery we have in stock.