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Gleason M&M model Sigma 3 CNC 12" Gear testing machines have been recently purchased from a gear test lab. the machines can be inspected running with proper notice. actual gear software may need to be purchased for your specific need. contact us to learn more about these machines.


Gleason M&M precision systems CNC Gear Tester Model Sigma 3 s/n 6558 new 2006 (2 machines now available) W/API Probes Machine specifications are as follows: • Machine construction using a granite base designed for production use • Probe Resolution 0.03 m • 3 Linear motor driven axes and Rotary drive rotary C-axis • X travel probe horizontal travel 270mm (10.6”) • Y travel horizontal movement measuring slide 480mm (18.9”) • Z travel vertical movement of measuring slide 480mm (18.9”) • C-axis- Rotary Table Diameter 228mm (9.0”) • Weight Capacity 180kgs (400 lbs.) • Maximum diameter of part 305mm (12”) • 1 Motorized tailstock with a live top center 18 mm • Maximum length part between centers 760mm (29.9”) • Standard probe ball stylus 3.0 mm • Precision Calibration Sphere 19.05mm and 12.7mm (For calibration of probe tips and table center find location) • bottom dead centers 25mm • Optional centers available 54.5mm and 75mm • Power Requirements 110VAC, 20 Amps, 60 Hz (permissible fluctuation - +/- 15%) 220VAC, 20 Amps, 50 Hz • Environmental Temperature 20.1+/-2.0 C (68+/-3.0F) • Approximate Machine Weight 1300Kg, (2,860lbs), approx. Software package as originally purchased by owner from Gleason M & M License Type Full License Enabled Features: Compare Journal Reference Topography Straight Sided Spline Keyway DIN 5480 JIS 1702-1998 ANSI B92 (Default Option) Unknown Gear Qdas Gearnet Dual Helix (Default Option) JIS1702 1976 INDEX ECCENTRICITY REMOVAL CHINA GB 10095-1998 Analysis CHINA GBT 10095-2001 Analysis DIN 3960/62 (Default Option) ISO 1328-1995 Root Scan GM ISO Analysis machines have GAMA 2.x software Note: New licensing software fee for new owner is Required for $17,500 if machine Needs to be serviced by Gleason . This Fee needs to be purchased directly from Gleason Metrology! These machines can be inspected in very good running condition prior to removal. Once moved the machine will be set up upon receipt of customers PO and deposit machine software included as only provided with machine originally and any additional features or needs will need to be purchased separately. A full cnc re-control and repower can also be offered for this machine with a 1 year warranty and Gear software package would be included. contact us today for a retrofit quote!! or Visit WWW.PiselliEnt.com to view this and other CNC Gear testers for sale

Gleason M&M systems Sigma 3, 12" Diameter CNC Gear testing Machine, New 2006 (3 Avail)

North Carolina, United States
Gleason M&M systems Sigma 3, 12" Diameter CNC Gear testing Machine, New 2006 (3 Avail)